The time I almost died!

I was caught in a rip tide while swimming in Hawaii… I gave it everything I had and was ready to quit. I was barely keeping my head above the waves… it seemed that death was immanent!

Happy Father’s Day! If I had given up that day, my children would not be alive … No matter the struggle, men must never give up on their families. Just keep going! Never quit,

Let me tell you a story of the time I almost died. I was caught in a rip current in Hawaii… I was ready to give up, to sink beneath the waves and just die. If I had… none of my children would be alive today.

Something inside me encourage me to swim on, even though I had no strength left. It was the difference between life and death… not just for me but, for my family too.

No matter what challenges you are facing today… just keep going. God will see you through it.