The triumphal entry into Jerusalem!

Image of Jesus riding the donkeyViva IL Papa and Happy Lent! Have you drawn closer to Jesus this Lenten season? I pray you have! It’s time we follow Him to the “Horns of the Alter”, to the foot of Calvary, and all the way to the empty tomb! To get you ready… I wanted to re-hash some old content that I produced back in 2011 on the triumphal entry Jesus made for Palm Sunday.  Here are two “Behold The Man” episodes that I hope you will enjoy. Never forget… you can not have Easter Sunday glory without Good Friday passion first!  Let us now take up our cross and follow Him!

Behold The Man No 78 The Triumphal Entry! Part 1

Behold The Man No 79 The Triumphal Entry! Part 2