Your role men, as Leader, Protector & Provider!


What a grace! I was invited to give three talks at the 18th “Into The Wild” retreat hosted by The King’s Men apostolate out of Pennsylvania. The retreat was held at Chicot state park in Louisiana, and I was accompanied by 90 incredible men!  The talks were on building up men in the mold of leader, protector and provider.

A special thank you to Mark Houck and The King’s Men for the invitation to participate. TKM is an absolutely incredible Catholic men’s ministry and I can not recommend them enough.  I think every Catholic man should attend this retreat… not for the talks (especially those given by me), rather because its truly a unique Catholic men’s retreat experience.

Download and listen to these talks:

During the last talk I recommended the men pick up “The Pope and the CEO” by Andreas Widmer. This is an easy read that is filled with great advise for married, single, religious, priest, or the CEO of how to lead authentically.