Your Call To Heroic Leadership

KolbeSquareFor the sake of your wife and kids… I  double dog dare you to listen! 😉

In this talk we dive into your call to heroic leadership… by virtue of who you are as a son of the Most High God.  Sign up to download this powerful talk on heroic leadership, given as one of three talks on our calling to be heroic leaders, protectors, and providers for those whom the Lord has placed into our care and custody. The talks were given to the “Men of Christ” group in Milwaukee, WI in January of 2015. Using the phenomenal life of St. Maximilian Kolbe as our guide, we dive into the incredible opportunity we have as men to live up to who we really are… not as who the world tells us we are.  The days are growing darker, and the need for true men of God to lead the way is upon us.  If we want to raise awesome kids then we must first be awesome husbands and fathers.

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Here’s what Kevin O’Brien, President of the “Men of Christ” had to say: 

Whether delivering it in front of nearly 3,000 men at our annual conference or 50 at one of our leadership retreats, Joe’s passionate, deeply personal, brutally honest testimony goes straight to the hearts of our guys and leaves them pumped to embrace the cross and give their lives to Christ. Joe doesn’t just talk about transformation through repentance, grace and the pursuit of holiness, he lives it. Few speakers I’ve seen are as effective at inspiring men to do the same.”

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