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Behold The Man No. 44 “Mary, the Temple, and the Spirit”

Today on “Behold the Man” , we interrupt our regularly scheduled program to look at the typology found in St. Luke’s annunciation narrative in chapter 1.  Like the Tabernacle in the wilderness, and the Temple of Salomon, Mary too was overshadowed by the Spirit, and filled with God’s presence. But… there’s another prototype that most […]

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Behold The Man No. 39 Heaven and Earth Collide

Today, on “Behold The Man” we take a deep look at Acts 2 in and uncover many of its rich Old Testament parallels and prototypes.  Just as “devout men” from “every nation under heaven” are praying for the return of the shekina glory cloud to return to and fill the temple… they hear a sound… and gather to […]

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Behold The Man No 11 Adam The High Priest

“Adam The High Priest: Serving in the Holy of Hollies in the garden of Eden!” Today, we finish up chapter 2 of “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” by looking at creation as the macro temple and the garden of Eden as the Holy of Hollies. If there is a temple then there must have […]

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