The Catholic Hack Episode No 27 –Carl Olson Part 1

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Carl E. Olson is the editor of (, the online magazine of Ignatius Press. He is author of Will Catholics Be “Left Behind”? A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Today’s Prophecy Preachers (Ignatius Press, April 2003), recognized by the Associated Press as one of the best religious titles of 2003, and co-author, with medievalist Sandra Miesel, of The Da Vinci Hoax: Exposing the Errors in The Da Vinci Code (Ignatius, 2004; see Carl has written for numerous Catholic periodicals and is a regular contributor Our Sunday Visitor and National Catholic Register. A former Evangelical Protestant, he has a Masters in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas. Carl lives in Eugene, Oregon, with his wife, Heather, and their two children.
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Rapture! Will Catholics Be Left Behind? This is the tittle of a book written by Carl Olson. I had a great conversation with Carl about the Rapture trap and where Catholics fit into all the pre-trip, mid-trib, and post-trib theology. I think you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

This is a two part series so be sure and look for part two which is coming right up. Please send me your feedback and let me know what you think about the interview.

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