The Catholic Hack Episode No 32 – Tim Staples Part 2

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Show Notes:
Tim Staples has given hundreds of talks all over the country and has helped thousands of people find their way home to the Catholic Church. He brings his extensive knowledge of Scripture into his tapes, books, and talks, helping others to see the strong biblical evidences that support Catholic doctrines. Tim’s humorous enthusiasm captivates his audiences, and his unique style has brought him great renown as an engaging speaker.

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Welcome Back!

Today we are privileged to speak with Tim Staples from Catholic Answers in California (part 2). Tim is a powerhouse of an apologists and it was a real honor to spend an hour with him talking about his conversion to the Catholic faith and his rise through the ranks to become a professional apologists.

You can find all kinds of articles from Tim at as well as books and tape sets. You can also find lots of older audio materials of Tim at the EWTN audio library at Search for his name and you will get lots of great downloads (RA format) for your listening pleasure. Please send me you feedback and let me know what you think.

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