Men’s Conference Series

image of the Men Of Christ event

 Listen to talks I’ve given at Catholic Men’s Conferences.


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  • “Leader, Protector, Provider” – I was invited to give three talks at the 18thInto The Wildretreat hosted by The King’s Men apostolate out of Pennsylvania. The retreat was held at Chicot state park in Louisiana, and I was accompanied by 90 incredible men!  The talks were on building up men in the mold of leader, protector and provider. Audio | “Leader, Protector, Provider”
  • “Taking The Hill With St. Ignatius of Antioch” – Given at the Amarillo Catholic Men’s Conference in October 2013. In this talk we look to the heroic example of St. Ignatius of Antioch, the first century Bishop who “took the hill” for Christ and His Church! Audio | “Taking The Hill With St. Ignatius of Antioch”
  • “Leave No Man Behind” -On Saturday March 9th I was honored to speak at the 7th annual Milwaukee Men of Christ event. It was an amazing opportunity for me, and the men blew me away with their courage and commitment to Christ and His Church! In my talk, “Leave No Man Behind”, I shared a bit of how God, through the intercession of my Patron Saint, saved me from a life of pornography addiction, abortion, and more… because He was not willing to allow me to die on the battlefield of life. The world wants to burn… the answer is a burning heart for Christ! What’s in your chest? Audio | “Leave No Man Behind”
  • “A Life Truly Worth Living” – I gave this talk at the Worcester Catholic Men’s conference at the DCU center. It was an amazing event with some great guys. I shared my testimony and tried to exhort the men to join Christ on the cross, the only place they will find that true satisfaction in life, and a life truly worth living! Audio | “A Life Truly Worth Living”
  • “Taking The Hill For God And Country!” – God is good! I was greatly honord to speak at the 8th annual Catholic Men’s conference in San Antonio this past weekend. My talk was entitled, “Taking The Hill For God And Country: Stemming the tide of secularism and conquering the culture for Christ!”  St. Padre Pio once wrote, “Who will ever separate or extinguish the fire that burns for You in my breast with such bright flames!”  The world wants to burn… it deeply desires to lust after its disordered passions.  The only remedy to a burning world, is a burning heart for Christ! So I ask… what’s in your chest? Audio | “Taking The Hill For God And Country!”
  • “You Are Priest, Prophet, and King!” – We serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, sharing His ministry as Priest, Prophet, and King, we are the King’s Men! If Christ was so willing to give up his life, for us, to provide us with LIFE poured out in the sacraments, His Church, His Name, and His family… what are we willing to die to provide? Especially for those placed into our care and custody?  In this talk, given at the Worcester, MA, Catholic Men’s prayer breakfast in May of 2012, we dive deep into our calling as the King’s men! – Audio | You are a Priest, Prophet and King!
  • “A Man After God’s Own Heart!” – I was blessed to give a short talk for the St. Joseph Covenant Keepers lunch in Lafayette, La. on Holy Thursday, 2012. What does it mean to be a man after God’s own heart? How can we claim this title for ourselves? – April 2012 – Audio | A Man After God’s Own Heart!
  • “The Mighty Men of God!” – I was blessed to speak, for the second year in a row, at the Texas Knights of Columbus College Council Conference. This year, at Stephen F Austin University, I spoke on our mission to serve the King as evangelists, to be witnesses to a culture so opposed to our faith. We are called to be His mighty men, may God give us the grace to see it through. – February 2012 – Audio | The Mighty Men Of God!
  • “Evangelization on Campus” – It was a great honor to hang out with some fantastic young Catholic men… I was able to share with them a bit of my journey and some of the lessons the Holy Spirit has taught me in sharing the faith with others. Given at the St. Mary’s Center at Texas A&M University, 2011 Audio | Evangelization on Campus
  • “Free At Last” – testimony given at the Houston Catholic Men’s Conference in 2008 – Audio | Free At Last