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Joe McClane is one of the most talented Catholic evangelists I have ever had the privilege of working with. His ability to captivate an audience while delivering a powerful message in truth and love is amazing. Joe’s passion will light up the room and challenge God’s people to grow in faith. If you’re looking for a top notch speaker for your next event, look no further!”

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers – DynamicDeacon.com

Men’s Events, Retreats, Parish Missions, Conferences & More!

Joe McClane is a dynamic, engaging and passionate Catholic speaker image of a dynamic catholic speaker and evangelist - joe mcclane(faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church). Among other topics (see below), he often shares his powerful testimony on how God saved him from pornography addiction. Book him to give a presentation at your next event, group, or parish! Upon request, Joe can supply the event organizers with a letter of good standing from his Priest or Bishop.

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 “It was a great blessing to have Joe speak at our Men’s Day of Faith Renewal. Joe is docile to The Holy Spirit and therefore powerfully convincing in sharing God’s mercy and call to conversion. Men – get ready for the truth and what manhood is all about!”

Mike Allison, St. Mel Parish Sacramento, CA

Whether delivering it in front of nearly 3,000 men at our annual conference or 50 at one of our leadership retreats, Joe’s passionate, deeply personal, brutally honest testimony goes straight to the hearts of our guys and leaves them pumped to embrace the cross and give their lives to Christ. Joe doesn’t just talk about transformation through repentance, grace and the pursuit of holiness, he lives it. Few speakers I’ve seen are as effective at inspiring men to do the same.”

Kevin O’Brien
President – Men of Christ – Milwaukee Catholic Men’s Conference

“Joe McClane is a great story teller!  The best speakers I know are great story tellers.  Joe knows how to keep his audience engaged through poignant and relevant stories to the theme and points he is trying to convey.  His ability to communicate a strong message through stories is a rare quality in speakers today.  I highly recommend Joe McClane for any men’s conference, workshop and evangelization program. “

          Mark Houck – Founder & President of The King’s Men

“Joe McClane is a very Godly man who gets to root of problems us men face in our daily spiritually battle! I thank God for allowing our paths to cross at The San Antonio Catholic Men’s Conference in 2013!! Joe tackles the tough issues head on and does not hold back… something most of us men need!! If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear Joe speak… you are in for a treat when you do!!!”

Miguel Nevarez – Amarillo Catholic Men’s Conference Chair

It’s of great comfort to me to have as a great friend and resource, Joe McClane of whom I can turn to regarding any issue or question surrounding the topic of Male Spirituality and how to live my life as a faithful Catholic husband and father.  In this world, in the times we’re in with the increase of abortion, same sex so called marriage, porn use by men AND women, I need a buddy like Joe that I can turn to for good, safe, and faithful advice regarding pretty much any situation I encounter.  Thanks Joe, you rock in my book!

           Richard – San Antonio Catholic Men’s Conference Committee Member

“Joe my brother… I wanted to tell you of the FIRE that was rising in the hearts of the brothers I met with after your talk. God used you! Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior. God Bless You and Your Family!”

            John – Cleveland Catholic Men’s Conference Committee Member

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Joe McClane speak several times and each time it is a treat! He has a huge gift of being able to give the essence of our faith in a format that is very captivating and moving! He is an evangelist for our time! Anyone who listens will agree that he is a faith filled man with a powerful message of joy and love that is captivating!

            Alex Gotay – Youth Ministry, Christ the Good Shepherd, Spring,TX

Email to Learn More:As a Catholic speaker and evangelist, Joe has traveled across the USA, and overseas, giving powerful presentations on his conversion, evangelization, apologetics, overcoming porn addiction, masculine spirituality and more. Additionally, Joe will often be asked to emcee dinners and conferences.


Listen to more of his Dynamic Evangelization talks

Here is a short list of some of the events Joe has spoken at:

  • Sacramento Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Charlotte Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Milwaukee Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Cleveland Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Amarillo Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Guam Catholic Men’s Conference
  • San Antonio Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Houston Catholic Men’s Conference
  • New Hampshire Catholic Men’s Conference
  • Lafayette, La. St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers
  • Into The Wild Retreat – Buffalo, NY
  • Into The Wild Retreat – Lafayette, La
  • Wyoming Catholic Men’s Retreat
  • Parish Mission – St. Irenaeus Catholic Church in Cypress, CA
  • Texas Knights of Columbus College Council Conference – Texas A&M University
  • Texas Knights of Columbus College Council Conference – Stephen F Austin University
  • St. Thomas Moore Society – University of Houston Law Center
  • Milwaukee – Men of Christ Leadership Conference

Stipend – Joe does not have a set stipend, rather he likes to work with the event organizers to help keep their costs within their budget. Generally, Joe’s past stipends have ranged between $750 and $1500 depending on size of the event and the number of talks given. This is negotiable, just ask, Joe is happy to make a deal to better help event organizers reach and transform souls for the Glory of God. Additionally, Joe likes to bring his books and audio CD sets to offer, for a small donation, to event attendees.

Travel and Expenses – The event organizers are responsible to cover Joe’s travel and expenses to and from the event. Joe is happy to fly “coach” out of Bush International Airport in Houston, Tx. If necessary to keep costs down, Joe will also forgo a hotel room and stay in a home.

Audio & Video Recording – Joe gives the event organizers permission to record both audio and video of his presentations and do with them as they please. Joe will also record his talks for use on his website and future CD sets.

Learn more about Joe McClane, or listen to talks he’s given previously.

Suggested Talk Topics:

    • Leadership
    • Scriptural Apologetics
    • Evangelization & Motivation
    • Joe’s Conversion story – How God saved him from porn addiction and turned his heart to the Church.
    • Church teaching on sexuality
    • Pornography addiction & how to break free from it

 Email to Learn More:

Image of Joe McClane, a dynamic Catholic speaker and evangelistWant to hear previous talks?

  • “Leader, Protector, Provider” – I was invited to give three talks at the 18th “Into The Wild retreat hosted by The King’s Men apostolate out of Pennsylvania. The retreat was held at Chicot state park in Louisiana, and I was accompanied by 90 incredible men! The talks were on building up men in the mold of leader, protector and provider. Audio | “Leader, Protector, Provider”
  • Taking The Hill With St. Ignatius of Antioch” – Given at the Amarillo Catholic Men’s Conference in October 2013. In this talk we look to the heroic example of St. Ignatius of Antioch, the first century Bishop who “took the hill” for Christ and His Church! Audio | “Taking The Hill With St. Ignatius of Antioch”
  • Leave No Man Behind” -On Saturday March 9th I was honord to speak at the 7th annual Milwaukee Men of Christ event. It was an amazing opportunity for me, and the men blew me away with their courage and commitment to Christ and His Church! In my talk, “Leave No Man Behind”, I shared a bit of how God, through the intercession of my Patron Saint, saved me from a life of pornography addiction, abortion, and more… because He was not willing to allow me to die on the battlefield of life. The world wants to burn… the answer is a burning heart for Christ! What’s in your chest? Audio | “Leave No Man Behind”
  • “A Life Truly Worth Living” – I gave this talk at the Worcester Catholic Men’s conference at the DCU center. It was an amazing event with some great guys. I shared my testimony and tried to exhort the men to join Christ on the cross, the only place they will find that true satisfaction in life, and a life truly worth living! Audio | “A Life Truly Worth Living”
  • “Taking The Hill For God And Country!” – God is good! I was greatly honord to speak at the 8th annual Catholic Men’s conference in San Antonio this past weekend. My talk was entitled, “Taking The Hill For God And Country: Stemming the tide of secularism and conquering the culture for Christ!” St. Padre Pio once wrote, “Who will ever separate or extinguish the fire that burns for You in my breast with such bright flames!” The world wants to burn… it deeply desires to lust after its disordered passions. The only remedy to a burning world, is a burning heart for Christ! So I ask… what’s in your chest? Audio | “Taking The Hill For God And Country!”
  • “Almsgiving, a pathway to conversion” : I was greatly blessed to be invited to speak at the Houston Catholic Young Adult Lenten Retreat, hosted by St. Edward Catholic Church in Spring, TX. My talk was on almsgiving and conversion. In my preparation, I spent some time meditating on two great Saints from the 5th century, St. Leo the Great, and St. Augustine who had a lot to say about this topic. When we give… do we give our whole self? Do we give from a heart of love for God and our neighbor, or are we checking “that” box? Let’s dive deep! Audio | “Almsgiving, a pathway to conversion”
  • “What Is Truth” : God is good! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to speak to the confirmation class at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Houston, TX today. I challenged them to prepare themselves to live the faith, to make it their own and not their parents or teachers… to be fully Catholic. Why? Because its true, and Truth is a person not some abstract concept. Given in November of 2012 Audio | “What Is Truth?”
  • “Mary, The Handmaid Of The Lord!” : What a grace! The Lord was too gracious to me tonight, the mission at St. Irenaeus Catholic Church in Cypress, CA went much better than I deserve. Tonight, my talk was on Mary as the Handmaid of the Lord… the intercessor of Salvation History. Given November of 2012 Audio | Mary, The Handmaid of the Lord
  • “Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant!” : We wrapped up the 3-day mission on Mary at St. Irenaeus Catholic Church in Cypress, CA last night with this short talk on Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant. I had an amazing time there, and can not begin to thank my amazing hosts for such wonderful hospitality. Mary is the NEW Mercy Seat, where God dispenses His graces lavishly upon his people…. O, Mary Seat of Wisdom… pray for us! Given November of 2012 Audio | Mary, Ark Of The New Covenant
  • “The Sacrament of Matrimony” – I wes greatly blessed this week to be asked to teach an RCIA class at St. Edward Catholic Church, in Spring, TX, on the Sacrament of Matrimony. It was a great joy to share the Churches teaching on Marriage, especially since my wife and I are celebrating our twelfth year of marriage this coming week. Given October of 2012 – Audio | The Sacrament of Matrimony
  • “The Sacrament Of The Holy Eucharist” – This is a presentation on the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, given to an RCIA group at St. Edward Catholic Church in Spring, TX. It is the “source and summit” of the Christian faith. It is the body, blood, soul and divinity of the Jesus Christ, given to us as food for our journey through the wilderness on our way to the true promised land. Given in July of 2012 – Audio | The Sacrament Of The Holy Eucharist
  • “You Are Priest, Prophet, and King!” – We serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, sharing His ministry as Priest, Prophet, and King, we are the King’s Men! If Christ was so willing to give up his life, for us, to provide us with LIFE poured out in the sacraments, His Church, His Name, and His family… what are we willing to die to provide? Especially for those placed into our care and custody? In this talk, given at the Worcester, MA, Catholic Men’s prayer breakfast in May of 2012, we dive deep into our calling as the King’s men! – Audio | You are a Priest, Prophet and King!
  • Ascension & Mission: Martyrs to the ends of the earth!” – With the gift of the presence of Christ comes the task to be his martyrs, His witnesses, to HIS brethren to the ends of the earth. Let us stop looking up and storing up, and begin living up to our mission to live for Christ today, learning our faith, living our faith, and sharing our faith. Given at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, TX, in April of 2012. – Audio | Ascension & Mission: Martyrs to the ends of the earth!
  • The Our Father: A Family Prayer” – This is a short reflection on the Our Father, given on my 13th anniversary as a Catholic to an RCIA class at St. Edward Catholic Church in Spring, TX, in April of 2012. – Audio | The Our Father: A Family Prayer
  • “A Man After God’s Own Heart!” – I was blessed to give a short talk for the St. Joseph Covenant Keepers lunch in Lafayette, La. on Holy Thursday, 2012. What does it mean to be a man after God’s own heart? How can we claim this title for ourselves? – April 2012 – Audio | A Man After God’s Own Heart!
  • Reclaim Your Freedom!” – I was blessed to be asked to speak on the topic of pornography at Stephen F Austin University by the St. Mary’s Catholic Center. It was a great time and I really enjoyed meeting those in attendance. The sins of our father come back to haunt us and wreak havoc in our lives. Living in a world so throughly porno-fied; how can we break free? Can we end the cycle of generational sin? Yes! In this talk I share how God found me, and how, through His grace, we are FREE to LOVE and not slaves to lust. – March 2012 – Audio | Reclaim Your Freedom!
  • The Mighty Men of God!” – I was blessed to speak, for the second year in a row, at the Texas Knights of Columbus College Council Conference. This year, at Stephen F Austin University, I spoke on our mission to serve the King as evangelists, to be witnesses to a culture so opposed to our faith. We are called to be His mighty men, may God give us the grace to see it through. – February 2012 – Audio | The Mighty Men Of God!
  • Who do you say that I am?: Our Personal Relationship with the King of the Universe!” – I was recently blessed to be invited to speak at the 9th annual Catholic Men’s conference in Guam. I gave 3 talks, plus a short address to the “Chain-4-Life” pro-life rally with the Archbishop. What an honor! January of 2012 – Audio | Who Do You Say That I Am?
  • The Provider” – I was blessed to give a talk on “Providing” at an “Into The WIld Weekend” hosted by The King’s Men. It was a phenomenal experience and I recommend one to every man! Buffalo, NY in 2011 – Audio | The Provider
  • “The Law of Love: Linking the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Calvary” – a journey through Salvation History looking at the design, purpose, and perfection Christ obtained through his passion, death and resurrection in Ten Sleep, WY in 2011 – Audio | The Law of Love
  • Evangelization on Campus” – It was a great honor to hang out with some fantastic young Catholic men… I was able to share with them a bit of my journey and some of the lessons the Holy Spirit has taught me in sharing the faith with others. Given at the St. Mary’s Center at Texas A&M University, 2011 Audio | Evangelization on Campus
  • “John Paul II, Shame, and Me” – a condensed, and combined, talk from “Love & Responsibility” and my own testimony on pornography, sexual license, and how God saved me from it! It was given at the John Paul II Film Festival in Miami, FL in 2011Audio/Video | John Paul II, Shame and Me
  • Why The Cross?” – reflection of the total self gift called for in the Garden of Eden & realized in the Garden of Calvary, given at the University of Houston Law Center in 2011 – Audio | Why The Cross?
  • Free At Last” – testimony given at the Houston Catholic Men’s Conference in 2008Audio | Free At Last

Letters of Recommendation:

2012 – Letter of Recommendation from Rebecca Soto, Director of Adult Faith Formation, St. Irenaeus Cypress, CA

2012 – Letter Of Recommendation from Alex Gotay, Adult Faith Coordinator at St. Edward Parish – Spring, TX

2012 – Letter Of Good Standing from my parish – The Woodlands, TX

Rev. Samuel Medley, SOLT – Chaplain of Our Lady of Corpus Christi College – Corpus Christi, TX

Rev. Michael Scherrey – Director of the Catholic Charismatic Center – Houston, TX

Brian Harrison – Director of evangelization – St. Michael Parish – Exeter, NH.

Deacon Tom Fox – The Pilgrim Center of Hope – San Antonio, TX.